The Future Is Behind

by Save The King

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released November 4, 2016



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Save The King France

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Track Name: I set my own king free
Every day i wore my suit
Like a black sad clown
Driving fast on a poor route Cause I'm scared to slow down
Every day i made a deal To keep a genuine smile But the mirror was so real my reflection almost died
But something inside me has changed my life,
' i set my own king free

Every day i watched the news
And said "what a shame" tss tss tss Bro n' sista skipped the use
And the world is a burning flame
Every day i heard the rule
"Do never cross the line!"
But I can't live like a fool Always missing the second line
Track Name: My promise
I promise to hold your hand through the night
I promise to dry your tears when your down
I promise to stand on your side
I promise to love you with all the beats of my heart

I promise ... To take your breath away

I promise to light your blue eyes on fire
I promise a whole life full of laugh
I promise to fulfill our dreams
I promise to love you with all the beats of my heart

I promise .... to take your breath away
Track Name: Cold love
I feel so cold
Inside me now
That you're gone

I see our love
Falling in drops
On my soul

But I Say no, say no, say no
I can't live without you

keep me in your arms
Closer to your warmth
I don t wanna let you go
Cause i need your love

Give us another chance
To rewrite this romance
I promise to be there
I swear

But I'm still alone
Wandering like
A dog

And I'll sing that song
Until they bury me
under your vault